brand identity

Is brand identity just about making a logo?

No, it’s far more expansive. It’s your entire window to the world. Best make sure it’s as good as it can be.

Brand creation is coming up with your entire visual identity, from the nib of our pencil to the fuselage of your Boeing.

Both our branding and digital branding projects begin with similar stages. They both start with strategy and research, leading to brand icon design (logo) followed by the visual look-and-feel creation; coupled with strategic messaging

A core reason for using an agency of our calibre is the added value we bring to your team when it comes to working on your business. We ask difficult questions of you, stress testing your logic and business plans. Our clients realise, in order to truly succeed in business, it’s a case of fail to plan leads to plan to fail.

Brand Stratagy

With brand strategy, we take your distilled business essence and expand it into a navigable creative roadmap.

Brand Identity

The design of the brand itself (logo) and the supporting look-and-feel identity, in short, the visual assets which support the logo.

Brand Look-&-Feel

With this stage, we develop a unique and memorable visual language, designed to stick in the subconscious of your audiences mind.

The Roll Out

Once you have your fantastic identity – it can be rolled out to all kinds of online and offline materials.

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